Legal advice

Services of legal advice in economic law for clients: small and middle-sized Romanian companies, business people, institutions, economical and governmental organisations.

  • Advice in German/Romanian and international/European economic law (taxes, contracts, accountancy, commercial law etc.)
  • Representation in front of German courts in point of administrative, civil, fiscal, foreigners` law etc.
  • Solving of debit claims against clients having their commercial headquarters in Germany, particularly within the bankruptcy process
  • Giving daily updated information from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK`s) in Germany, from the economic press of speciality, respectively news from the German and European Community law
  • Support in finding economical contacts on a local and international level, experts in economy, accountants, notaries, companies etc.
  • Easing participation to international fairs
  • Founding and registration of Romanian companies in Germany, business planning
  • Management, administration and supply of qualified staff for a time span of 3-6 months immediately after the registration of the company
  • Legal expertise in German, Romanian and European Community economic law
  • Organisation of business trips, dealing with business partners, respectively with banks and state institutions in Germany and Romania